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  • Michael Meade

What's happening?

So this virus thing has really gone crazy. What is going on?

No, I'm not going to say it's a conspiracy to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. I don't think it's a government cover up or a way to control us. I'm very worried that there is a lot of over reaction and that we could be in for some crazy days ahead.

I promise that I am no expert. I am not going to give you any advice on what to do. I thought it would be prudent however to let people know what we are doing in case anyone might want to do the same. As a herbalist, I study these things, but you always have to be careful about where you get your information. There are so many crazy opinions out there, and believe it or not, there are people actually scamming and taking advantage of the panic all around us. Please double and triple check your information and the sources.

For instance, right now there are lots of crazy stories about using Elderberry Syrup to aid in supporting your immune system. It appears like someone saw a study about how Elderberry works talking about cytokines, and in a later part of the study, mentioned that there is always the possibility of a cytokine storm. But that was not related to the Elderberry at all. Cytokines, by the way, are used by our immune system are a vital part of keeping us health. There is no evidence that Elderberry every has or even could cause a cytokine storm.

So do I still take my Elderberry Syrup? You bet your bippy I do! I want my cytokines to communicate properly with my immune system so it can fight off the virus properly. So I take elderberry syrup, that I make myself using the ingredients that I know and understand. We have posted these before I believe.

What else is there to do? Lots! I take Astragalus 3 times a day, 10 drops of tincture. I also take Echinacea in a tincture 3 to 4 times a day. I also use Nettle and Linden in Super Infusions at some point during the month and sometimes I do the same with Hyssop or other herbs. I drink Ginger tea as well, and take a psyllium seed mixture.

Why do I do all this? The point is that my body needs support in many of the systems that make it run. I want to make sure that I support the way that they all work. Not that they are doing bad at this point but I support them as best I can, because they are what keep me happy.

My best advice to everyone out there is to find what works for you, and use it regularly. Don't worry about trying to kill the virus. Make sure your body is in a position to fight it off once you come into contact.

Stay safe out there.

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