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It's been a year!

It's been a year since I wrote this blog. And what a year? 2020 was plain awful! Right after I wrote the last blog, we got shut down at the store for a month and a half. We did open earlier than most other stores in the area, because the Governor gave a special allowance for stores that sell items mostly for worship. But that was just the beginning.

There were huge fires on the west coast, hurricanes in the south, riots in many cities over police brutality, of course Covid 19 locked us in our homes, the president went seemingly mad over losing the re-election, and people fighting over whether he was right or wrong.

2021 started off with the attack at the Capital, and it's been still really tense through February. Here it is about to be March 2021 and the tension hasn't really disappeared. I go for my second shot for the Covid vaccine tomorrow on March 1st. The world is still suffering. World wide there are many political, economic, and Covid related problems. The universal energies are still overloaded with anxiety. So many people are feeling it, even those who have never felt a connection to them before.

People are suffering more than they even realize. Most of the time they are just feeling anxious and upset with no idea what is going on. Many are showing up in Cheerful Dreams not really knowing what they are looking for, but they need relief.

It's been scary. It's still scary. We are all still worried about what is happening, what is going to happen and how will we deal with it. We are all in this together though. The whole world needs to find the solutions. We will. But like everyone else, I have no answers.

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