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A Very Workable Tincture

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

November 18, 2018


Michael Meade

Ok, so I am a little late in getting my tinctures ready, but that's ok. Better late than never, and I am sure it will work out. My winter cold mix has been brewing for a couple of weeks now and is due on December 17th. Today I started my winter immune system mix, so it will be ready just before New Years Eve. So basically I am a month behind. Oh, bother.

The winter cold mix is made with garlic, ginger, Onion, Turmeric and of course black pepper (to activate the Turmeric). The immune system mix is much simpler. It also starts with garlic, but I only add Astragalus to it. Since it's an easy one, I thought I would document it here so you can have a go at it, if you want.

So I started with the garlic.

I merrily chopped up two bulbs of garlic. I know, I know, that's a lot of garlic, but it's good for you! It is a wonder herb, and can help out in so many ways, including building up your immune system, so I wanted to include it in the mix. Now I just had to add the Astragalus Root.

While the garlic was purchased at a grocery store, the Astragalus Root was purchased from a trusted herb company. I get it dried and cut and sorted.

Everclear is legal to purchase in my state, so I keep a good deal of it around. For the record, I never pour myself a glass of this. It is strictly for medicinal purposes!

Since Everclear is so ever strong, I just cover the herbs with it, and then add in some 40 proof vodka, to lighten the strength a little bit.

As you can see, the liquid is higher than the herbs. But remember that they will absorb a lot, especially the dried Astragalus. So now I want to give it a good mix.

After a good shake the top of the Astragalus is not covered. It is already absorbing a lot of the alcohol.

It needed a good top off already, and I used the vodka to do that.

Once I topped it off, the Astragalus was completely covered again. Another good shake would mix all the garlic in with the Astragalus and it will be ready to do it's thing.

And there it is, all nicely mixed and starting to work it's magic. I then put it in the box I keep with the working tinctures that keeps them reasonably warm and dark. I take them out once a day and give them a good shake. I will have to top it off another time or two as the alcohol gets absorbed, but basically, it's cookin'!

Now we wait for December, and I should have a pretty decent and healthy winter.

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