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  • Michael Meade

Do You Feel It Too?

Seems that there is a lot of anxiety in the world today. Many people come into our store looking for some way to stop feeling that way. They come in asking for gemstones or herbs or anything that can make that feeling go away.

We love to help

But there are so many aspects to what is causing this feeling and every person is different. They hope that we will have the item that will take it all away.

If a person is hitting their finger with a hammer and asks us for something to take away the pain in their finger, but keeps hitting it, well... there isn't anything that will help. They have to get rid of the hammer.

The same applies to anxiety. We have to find out what is causing it. We call these "triggers" and then we can find ways to deal with it. I'm not saying that it's easy. Many times we cannot put down the hammer.

But there are still ways that we can make things better. But there is no magic juice that will relieve anxiety. There are many things that can help. If you are feeling this way, drop around the store, and let's talk.

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