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White Sage

White Sage

Burning White Sage has long been used to clear negative energies from homes, but there are many other relared uses.  Native Americans will inhale the smoke through their nose to clear their sinuses (and I use it this way too) but it has also been scientifically proven to be anti-microbial and is helpful in keeping your home a safe and healthy place to live!  

We do not have Sage Sticks.  Many people have seen these on TV and such but the real reason that a Sage Stick is supposed to be used is to to clear a sacred circle outdoors and the remainder of the stick was placed in the fire in the middle of the circle to burn with the logs and keep the circle blessed.

Home clearing is different and requires only a few leaves at a time to do an effective job, plus, it is less wastefull of a sacred herb.

Our 1 Oz package of sage is one of our largest selling items, because people get the best use of a product in their homes.

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